2018 Ordinances

Below is a list of the 2018 Ordinances. Ordinances posted online may not be in final form. If you would like a signed copy or need more information please contact the Clerk of Council, Mary E. Betsa, at mbetsa@mayfieldvillage.com or call the office at 440.461.0862.

  1. 2018-01: Regarding an educational benefit for the Clerk of Council
  2. 2018-02: To add the position of "Program and Facilities Manager"
  3. 2018-03: Amending Chapter 1501 of the Codified Ordinance relative to the Ohio Fire Code
  4. 2018-04: Amending Chapter 176 of the Codified Ordinances Regarding Municipal Income Tax
  5. 2018-05: Appropriating funds for current expenses and expenditures for 2018
  6. 2018-06: Authorizing Mayor and President of Council to enter into an amendment to stormwater project agreement with NEORSD (Failed 2.19.18)
  7. 2018-07: Summer Camp Wages
  8. 2018-08: Parkview Pool Wages
  9. 2018-09: Determiningto proceed w/ the improvement of Robley Lane, Thornapple Drive, and Wilson Mills Road
  10. 2018-10: Development Agreement with Artis Senior Living of Mayfield, LLC
  11. 2018-11: Authorizing Mayor and Council President to enter into an a Member Community Infrastructure Grant Program Agreement w/ NEORSD
  12. 2018-12: Authorizing and Directing the Mayor and Council President to grant to the NEORSD a temporary easement for the installation of the Beecher's Brook Stormwater Project
  13. 2018-13: Granting to NEORSD a permanent stormwater easement for the installation and future maintenance of the Beecher's Brook Stromwater Project
  14. 2018-14: Amending Codified Ordinance Sections 903.01, 903.02, 903.03, and 903.04 relating to driveway apron and tree lawn maintenance
  15. 2018-15: Amending Codified Ordinance Section 351.03 relating to parking prohibitions
  16. 2018-16: Amending Chapter 176 of the Codified Ordinances Regarding Municipal Income Tax
  17. 2018-17: Revising the Zone Map to amend the use classification on 6.93 acres of land located south of Highland Road (Failed 6.18.18)
  18. 2018-18: Amending Codified Ordinance Section 1157.03 Relating to Occupancy Regulations
  19. 2018-19: Amending Exhibit 1 to Village Ordinance Number 2017-14 to add the position of "Economic Development Manager" within the Administration Department
  20. 2018-20: To approve current replacement pages to the MV Codified Ordinances
  21. 2018-21: Authorizing and Directing the Mayor and President of Council to enter into an updated regional healthcare contract w/ Cuyahoga County
  22. 2018-22:
  23. 2018-23: Amending Chpater 955 of the Codified Ordinances Relative to Drainage & Infrastructure
  24. 2018-24: Amending Chapter 709 of the MV Codified Ordinances and renaming it "Use of Public Ways by Service Providers" and declaring an emergency
  25. 2018-25: Enacting Chapter 772 in order to regulate short term rentals
  26. 2018-26: Enacting Section 767.772 in Chapter 767 in order to provide for the permit fee for short term rentals