Pending Legislation

The term “Ordinance” refers to the type of legislative action by the Village Council that is of a general nature and has permanent effect. Generally, an Ordinance creates a right, law or regulation; grants a franchise; levies a tax; and may amend existing Codified Ordinances.   Ordinances are read at three meetings before being voted upon, unless considered emergency legislation.

Emergency legislation is effective upon signature by the Mayor or upon the expiration of the 10-day veto period, if the Mayor fails to sign the legislation. Non-emergency legislation does not take effect for 30 days after passage. This 30-day period is provided by the Charter to give electors time to file a petition to request that an ordinance or resolution be repealed and/or submitted to a vote of the electors (where the issue is subject to referendum).

The following is a list of legislation pending before Council as well as the dates that the legislation has been read. Click on the link in the table to view the document in its entirety. Once the legislation has been passed, it can be found here.

2020 Pending Ordinances:

  • Ordinance No. 2020-17, entitled, “An ordinance repealing Mayfield Village Codified Ordinance Chapter 955 Drainage and Infrastructure.”  Introduced by Mayor Bodnar. (Administration)
  • Ordinance No. 2020-18, entitled, “An ordinance enacting Mayfield Village Codified Ordinance Chapter 159 Moral Claims.” Introduced by Mayor Bodnar. (Administration)
  • Ordinance No. 2020-19, entitled, “An ordinance amending Mayfield Village Codified Ordinance Section 1105.02 relating to granting variances.” Introduced by Mayor Bodnar. (Administration)
  • Ordinance No. 2020-21, entitled, “An emergency ordinance to enter into a cooperation agreement between Cuyahoga County and the Village of Mayfield for the resurfacing of Wilson Mills Road from Lander Road to Alpha Drive.”  Introduced by Mayor Bodnar. (Administration)
Legislation First Read Second Read Third Read
2020-17 6.15.2020 7.20.2020
2020-18 6.15.2020 7.20.2020
2020-19 6.15.2020 7.20.2020